Italian motorcycle industry has been famous during the decades not only for its most important companies, but also thanks to the little ones mainly settled in Lombardia region and Bologna. During the 50s, these city played a great role because of some manufacturer: Ducati and Morini of course, but also Amadori, Marzocchi, Verlicchi, Paioli and Grimeca or engine builders such as Minarelli. And how to forget MondialGP, 5 time world championship winner between 1949 and 1957?

After the Second World War, big companies like CM and MM were in trouble, while some were just born thanks to the passion of their owners. Two of them began their activity building twin bikes, that were very rare in Italy at that time. In 1952, BDB were founded by the former Mondial technician Alfonso Drusiani and produced almost 2000 “Comet” bikes in the 160, 175 e 250 cm3 versions. There were no oil cup but the splash lubrication system and the cylinder block could be built with alluminum or cast iron. BDB also produced three prototypes: a 125 cm3 engine for Bianchi bikes that partecipated to the Milano – Taranto race in 1954, a 175 cm3 and a single cylinder engine that has never been used on a bike.

Another company, the Barneg, worked since 1955 until 1961 and was famous thanks to its 160 and 175 cm3 twin bike, called Iridea and Fario. The engine project manager was Corrado Menini; the roller chain was placed laterally and valves were not inclined but parallel. A small but interesting company was the BM, founded by Marino Bonvicini that was used to use Minarelli and Morini engines.

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