During the 2020 edition of Motor Bike Expo in Verona, the Italian Motorcycling Federation (FMI) presented Motociclo Italiano, the project that aim to rediscover the historical heritage of motorbikes produced in Italy at least 20 years ago and today owned by motorcyclist living outside Italy.

During the press conference the FMI President, Mr. Giovanni Copioli, and the FMI Vice President, Mr. Vittorio Angela, underlined the high cultural value of this initiative and the great role played by the italian motorcycle industry during the 20th Century. To rediscover the features of many motorbikes, dozens of pictures and specifications will be available on motocicloitaliano.com website.

To register the vehicle is very simple: the owner should visit www.motocicloitaliano.it website – where all the information are available -, enter his datas, vehicle details, three pictures of the bike and send the request. By registering his vehicle to Motociclo Italiano, the owner will confer it greater prestige and obtain important advantages: he will receive a dedicated pack containing the Italian Motorcycle Federation Member Card for the current year, the certificate of registration to Motociclo Italiano, a gadget and a dedicated letter from Mr. Giovanni Copioli, FMI President.

Giovanni Copioli, FMI President: “Thanks to Motociclo Italiano, we will be able to bring out the italian motorcycle heritage. All over the world, Italian motorcycles have always been among the most desired and since today it will be possible to perceive their value thanks to a collection that will allow everyone to discover their technical and aesthetic characteristics. This will happen with the decisive contribution of the owners who want to register their vehicles at motocicloitaliano.com”.

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