Motociclo Italiano promotes the italian motorcycle heritage and is aimed to the fans that collect this kind of bikers. On of them is Marco Prandi, a well know chef in Berlin. During the summer break we met him and he told us about his love for motorbike: “My father had an Aeromere Nuovo Capriolo 75 ts in his garage. I got on it and dreamed of driving it, then at the age of 14 I immediately got my license and my father offered me a three-speed Garelli. At the same time I couldn’t wait to turn sixteen, to then be able to go with my brother’s 125, a Gilera Tg1 “.

Marco is really passionate and you can realize it talking with him.

“With the first money I earned, I bought a Gilera Tg2. Then, when I turned eighteen, I went to Berlin after finishing school. When I arrived in Germany I continued to follow the world of motorcycles with the belief that sooner or later I would buy another one. And in fact in 2001, during a vacation in Sondrio, I saw a rally of vintage motorcycles: the spark went off again! Back in Berlin, I found an Italian motorcycle dealer who had a 1945 Moto Guzzi Alce with original documents and I boughti t. Then, over the years, several vintage Moto Guzzi bikes were added and in 2011 I took part in the famous Milan – Taranto for the first time with a Moto Guzzi 250 Airone sport. I love this event: since 2011 I have participated in all the Milan-Taranto events, where I have met a lot of fans of vintage motorcycles and close friendships. Which are very important from a human point of view and because they help me to find spare parts for my old ladies. But that’s not all because there are many fans of Italian vintage motorcycles in Berlin too. I’m owner and manager of a restaurant (“Osteria Ribaltone”) since 24 years and te rooms are special: you eat well, surrounded by 4 vintage motorcycles!”.

Bikes that Marco truly love.

“Above all the bikes I have in my collection, the one I care most about is a Gilera Saturno Sanremo with which I participated in the last six editions of the Milan-Taranto and prepared by  Valter Roberto. He was an excellent mechanic, a Gilera enthusiast and also the owner of a Gilera San Remo. Unfortunately he left us in 2019, I owe my passion for Gilera to him. Another great mechanic and friend who takes care of all my bikes in Berlin is Davide Viperino to whom I owe the restoration of another vehicle particularly dear to me, namely a 1939 Moto Guzzi Condor which I plan to bring to Milan Taranto next year “.

Of course, Marco Prandi is registering some of his bike to Motociclo Italiano. He his a great fan of italian motorbikes and he contributes to promotes the italian motorcycle heritage in Germany!


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