Over 200 bikes exposed: from the first models of 1920s to the very lasts, from the first City Bike to the six cylinder of 750 and 900 cc. Welcome to the Benelli Museum (in Pesaro), made with passion and enthusiasm: “Yes, because the bikes you see are not owned by the museum or Benelli – says the manager Paolo Marchinellibut they belong to single persons or to the Tonino Benelli Moto Club. The Benelli Museum was born thanks to two associations: the Club and the Benelli Historical Club. These associations 25 years ago asked to the Municipality for the old building where the old Benelli factory was built. We are talking about completely abandoned facilities and we spent time and money to restore it. In 2000 we were already inside, but the works were completed in 2015. The most beutiful bikes? For sure, those of the 1930s”.

Not only old motorcycles, but also modern ones “The Museum is always up to date – explains Marchinelli – because the Chinese property provides us with all the latest models, such as the new Leoncino and the TRK. And it does so with pleasure, since we are also the business card of today’s Benelli. The bikes I dream of having? All those beautiful racing ones that Luciano Battisti has and that unfortunately we don’t have”.

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