Vintage Italian motorcycles are, of course, the main part of the Motociclo Italiano project. The Moto Guzzi collection in Mirano, not far from Venice, is comparable to a treasure of mechanical jewels collected with passion.

You can find Guzzis of the early years up to those of the 1960s. The philosophy adopted by the owner is simple and effective: minimal interventions to leave the history of the bike unchanged.

Aurelio Rampazzo, the creator of the collection, is a true enthusiast: in addition to the merit of having recovered all the Guzzi models, he also has an important paper documentation. His passion goes as far as the analysis of motorcycle components, arousing admiration in those who listen to him by understanding the historical and technical value of his research and his insights.

In two exhibition floors, therefore, you can admire the Normale, the Sport 15, the GT16, GTV, GTC and so on up to the more recent Airone and Falcone. All without disdaining military vehicles such as the Elk and the Super Alce as well as a special vehicle built for the Italian Army after the Second World War and in particular for the Alpini corps: a mechanical mule that had the claim to replace the pack animal under the mountain departments. The racing vehicles are unique: the Gambalunghino 250 which belonged to Gianni Leone, the Albatros which belonged to Les Diener with whom he won the Australian TT in 1949, the Albatros 250 which belonged to Piergiovanni Filodelfo with which he won the Italian championship in 1949, the Gambalunghino by Fergus Anderson and also the Dondolino 500 with which the Lombard driver Sergio Pinza came first in the 500 class of the 1954 Milano Taranto long distance race. The Moto Guzzi collection is a unique and precious reality in our country, numerous are the visitors who access this historical heritage, including local school groups, but also Honda technicians recently visiting and determined to learn every technical detail as well as being amazed by an all-Italian avant-garde technique and forerunner in the world.

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